Contributing to MDN

Welcome! By visiting this page, you've taken the first step toward becoming a contributor to MDN!

The guides listed here cover all aspects of contributing to MDN, including style guides, guides to using our editor and tools, and more. Please make sure you have read (and are compliant with) the Mozilla Terms before editing or creating any pages.

If you haven't contributed to MDN previously, the Getting Started guide can help you pick a task to jump in and help with.

Document structures
Throughout MDN, there are various document structures that are used repeatedly, to provide consistent presentation of information in MDN articles. Here are articles describing these structures, so that, as an MDN author, you can recognize, apply, and modify them as appropriate for documents you write, edit, or translate.
Documentation processes
The MDN documentation project is enormous; there are a vast number of technologies we cover through the assistance of hundreds of contributors from across the world. To help us bring order to chaos, we have standard processes to follow when working on specific documentation-related tasks. Here you'll find guides to those processes.
Documentation topics and curators
MDN documentation and projects are coordinated and driven (sometimes called "shepherded") by per-topic leads, often known as curators. A Topic Curator is a member of the Mozilla MDN staff team who are responsible for looking after content in broad areas of MDN. This document lists the curators assigned to each topic, as well as seconds — people who look after the topic area if the main curators are on vacation.
Guide to the MDN editor UI
The WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor for the MDN Web Docs wiki makes it easy to contribute new content. This guide shows you how to use the editor and improve your productivity. Please read and comply with the Mozilla Terms before editing or creating new pages.
These guides provide details on how MDN documentation should be written and formatted, as well as how our code samples and other content should be presented.
How to contribute to docs that are currently needed
If you're interested in contributing to MDN, and you're looking for topics to write new content about, this article will help you.
Localizing MDN
MDN is used by people all over the world as a reference and guide to Web technologies, as well as to the internals of Firefox itself. Our localization communities are a key part of the Mozilla project; their work in translating and localizing our documentation helps people around the world develop for the open Web. If you'd like to learn more about localization, or even start a new localization, this is the place to begin.
MDN tools
MDN offers a number of features that make it easier to track progress, manage content, and keep up with the latest changes to the site.
MDN web docs: How-to guides
These articles provide step-by-step guides to accomplishing specific goals when contributing to MDN.
MDN web docs: Onboarding Guide
This document covers topics that a professional writer who will be working full-time on MDN needs to know to get started. If you contribute to MDN on a casual basis, you don't need to worry about this
Troubleshooting MDN problems
This article describes common issues that may occur while using MDN, and ways to remedy them.